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BestCasinosReviews Casino Complaints Service /AGCCS/

Whenever you submit a complaint with applying BestCasinosReviews Casino Complains Service /AGCCS/ you confirm that you agree with all the terms provided below:

  • BestCasinosReviews Casino Complaint Service is a service that provides all its functions for free, you don’t need to pay anything. 
  • BestCasinosReviews Casino Complaint Service is developed to function as a mediatory service between casinos and gamblers. 
  • BestCasinosReviews is not responsible for any results of any complaints submitted through the mentioned service. 
  • This Service can be used by those members who have an account on the Directory. 
  • When you submit any complaint by applying this service, you permit the team of BestCasinosReviews to ask the related casino for any information connected with your account. Information that you have provided during the registration of the account, any screens with your activities or any other information related to your gambling in a related casino is considered to be information connected with your account. This information is needed to make justified conclusions and judgments. 
  • BestCasinosReviews Casino Complaint Service is a purely public service. It means that all the posts there and all the attachments are available for public view. Users should hide or mask their details if they want to keep such details secret. 
  • If users exchange any information with the directory, this information is considered to be confidential. The service doesn’t share such data with any other party. 
  • The player and the casino have 96 hours to reply to the messages of each other. 
  • During the BestCasinosReviews Complaint Process, sides can write messages via email only. The application of Skype or any other messenger is forbidden. 
  • Each side can reopen the complaint case twice only. BestCasinosReviews have the right to deny the reopening of the complaint if there are no relevant reasons to reopen it. 
  • BestCasinosReviews processes all the complaints only based on evidence and facts. 
  • BestCasinosReviews can change these rules at any time. Sending any notifications about the changes is not required. The rules become valid after the modifications are made.